kgbootguard - KG Boot Guard Toe Protector Compound

kgbootguard - KG Boot Guard Toe Protector Compound

Kg KGBG 2oz Brush-On Black Toe Protection Boot Guard There's nothing worse than a broken-down pair of work boots. You know the type-the ones with the worn toe that fit like a glove but look like they might not make it through the day. Help keep them going with Kg's KGBG 2oz Brush-On Toe Protection Boot Guard.

This brush-on formula is designed for new or worn boots and shoes. It prevents or repairs premature toe wear so you can get the most out of your work footwear. The tough, long-lasting substance bonds to any surface including leather, cordura, vinyl, and safety toe. It never cracks, peels or flakes off. It comes with a disposable applicator and is simple to apply and dries overnight for quick, effective results. The 2oz size is enough for 2 or more applications so you can protect all your tough-working footwear.

Give those worn out boots new life (or extend the life of your new ones) with Kg's KGBG Brush-On Toe Protection Boot Guard. They'll be happy for the second chance.

2 oz. boot guard enough for about 2 plus applications.

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